Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Day Closer to Camp

I'm having second thoughts about going to camp. That's normal though, right? I am feeling like I'm going to miss my other two kiddos and my hubby so much I'm wondering if it will be worth it. I'm missing dh's next show, too. Bummer. I know it's a great opportunity for Professor X to get closer to the Lord and have some other godly examples in his life. But, I have been looking over the Bible study guide and thinking ahead about the group of 2nd-4th grade girls I will be leading. I just hope that when they are homesick and crying that I won't be feeling so much the same way that I will be no comfort at all. I made some "good camper" type certificates today and decorated them with glitter glue. I'm picking up some sticker and small prizes for them, too. Hopefully it will be a great time. But, I told dh, if anyone even says they think they saw a bear, I'm grabbing the Professor and hightailing it outta there!

As for packing and everything, all will be done tomorrow. It's tough when payday is a few days away from when I really need to do things. So tomorrow is packing, errands, housework, and family time. Sigh. Sometimes, when one of us is going away, the feeling of squeezing in some quality time is less heart-felt than burden-guilt-felt. You know?

Today was a great day at home. Professor X was off at the Aquarium. I spent the day with Princess O and Mr. M just coloring, making corn dogs with mac and cheese for lunch, watching Veggie Tales, and topped it all off with a family trip to Downtown Disney so Princess O could spend the last of her birthday money at BABW. She bought a puppy and some dog toys to go with her new Husky. But her top buy was the quilted dog house. She's been playing with it all night. Oh, I almost forgot. She bought a pair of roller skates, too. Of course, technically, she needs two pairs for the dog, but we told her to buy another pair next time. Okay, she said, when I buy her sunglasses, too. I can see the obsession has taken hold. This will be her Star Wars.

I tried one of those new Sorbettos, mango, on the way home. A Starbucks stop is a given when we come home from anywhere at night, and when we leave for anywhere in the morning. Anyway, a sorbetto is basically a yogurt drink, like a smoothie. For the price, it wasn't worth it. The size is smaller than a tall but just as expensive. I'll stick to the Yoplait drinks at the grocery store.

I'm off to make a to-do list so I won't forget anything I need to do, and to clear my brain so I can sleep. Tomorrow I will blog about my bear dream.

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