Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Day

Not much to report today. I'll just hit the highlights.

Professor X visited the museum with the church and was gone all day. He had a good time and bought a stegosaurus 4-D puzzle which kept him occupied for almost an hour after he came home. The puzzle also provided fresh fodder for Mr M to bother the professor with by taking it, throwing pieces, all that fun stuff. Then dh was messing with it after the kids were in bed, and lost a piece that I had to help him find. Good times.

Princess O chose to buy a Barbie camera with her birthday money. We had a struggle with the second roll of film, but dh got it working just fine. I imagine her pictures will be very amusing. She laid on the table with her new husky from BABW and snapped close-ups. She thought it would get a picture of the both of them, but I have a strong suspicion it will be a portrait of her nostrils only.

Mr. M was a pill all day. Definitely a 2yo and letting the world know, or at least all the shoppers at Target. He followed me reluctantly through the store once we finished looking at the toys. He alternated crying and simply whining, dragged his feet, and eventually sat on the floor when we made it to the register. Mom was not happy, and I made sure he knew it when we got back to the van. The day didn't get much better from there. He spent some time outside with dh, alone by the gate. Dh was trying to light some old coals to grill the steaks I had. He finally came in and told me it wasn't working, at which point I glance outside and see Mr. M looking at some brown stuff on his finger. I assumed it was dog poop, but it turned out to be his own poop. Nice.

As for me, my highlight was finally getting all my previous writing formatted and centrally located on my laptop. Yay! Oh, and figuring out how to upload photos to this blog. Yay! The rest of the evening I spent persuing my Writer's Market, highlighting all the literary agents located in this area. Quite a few, to my surprise. Tomorrow I head out, with the kids, to check into the city college offerings for creative writing.

Oh, and I got the counselor packet for camp next week. Yikes. Lots more lesson prep than I had anticipated. Another mom at church was asking me about going up. Maybe I won't be driving alone after all. Not a bad deal if she drives and I don't have to pay for gas. Either way, my anxiety level about being a counselor is definitely growing.

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