Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Interesting Comments

First, I want to shout it from the hilltops: I get to register for a creative writing class at city college tomorrow!!!! I finally went down and reactivated my file. It was one of those things you think will take a long time, but is accomplished in under ten minutes, then you wonder why you waited so long to do it. So, it's done.

I told DH it was very cool and exciting to be on the campus again, as a student. He wanted to know if I felt young again. Ha! I was pulling three kids behind me and getting stared at by every single 20-something that was hanging out. When Mr. M started throwing a borderline fit while we left the Admissions building, I felt like the sweatiest, oldest, frumpiest person on that whole campus. Ah well, the kids won't come to class with me. And this book inside me is just bursting to get out. Yay for me!

I had all three kids with me and I showed them around the campus. They loved all the wild rabbits that live there. I had some chips with me for a snack, and while the kids were eating them, one very friendly rabbit came over and actually sat up on his hind legs as if he were begging for a chip. The upright position scared Mr. M who climbed onto me immediately, and even Princess O was very wary, but the Professor just dropped a chip on the ground and we laughed when we heard the rabbit crunching it. Good memory.

Another detail from the camp preparation checklist taken care of: Professor X's shot records. Took all of two minutes. Thank God. The last place I wanted to be today was in the pediatrics waiting room!

We also dropped off a few bags of clothes, toys, and misc items from around the house, at the local AmVets thrift store. That was less than a minute, and I was the only one who got out of the car.

So, at church tonight, when asked, "What did you do today?" what does Professor X say?

"We went to the thrift store and returned some stuff."

I think it's so funny that of everything we did today, he comments on that alone. I mean, he even unlocked Darth Maul on his DS, a big accomplishment for the Lego Star Wars game, but he didn't mention that!

Okay, now for the funny comments.

On the way home from church tonight, I was asking Professor X what his class teacher looked like. This was our conversation.

Mom: "Did your teacher have long, dark, curly hair?"

Prof X: "Yeah, and she had glasses and lipstick, too."

Mom: (thinking it's funny to hear what he notices) "Oh."

Mr M: (wanting to describe his teacher, too) "And she had yegs, Mom."

Mom: "Oh, she had legs, too?"

Mr M: "Yes, and hands, too, Mom."

Mom: "Right, yes, hands are important."

This comment was made by Professor X during a conversation after we got home. He was telling DH that he could see the words people were going to say before they said them.

DH: "How can you see the words?"

Professor X: "When they open their mouth to talk, I look down into their stomach, and I can see the words before they come out."


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