Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Day Today - so far

Today was a trip day for my oldest son, Professor X. He has been going with our church on outings almost every week for the past month. He's only six, but these trips have been a great time for him to make new friends and be away from home a bit, away from sibs and mom. I make sure he has his trusty Firefly, for my own peace of mind, and I think for his, too. This morning was a flurry of housework as we all worked towards the goal of coming home to a clean house.

I surprised myself by accomplishing vacuuming both rooms that sorely needed it, unloading and loading the dishwasher to run while we're gone, and goading the kids to clean their own room, the front room, and put their clothes away. I also talked to my sister in Washington, put away the air-dried clothes, and changed out a load of laundry. All this before 10:30am, in spite of the fact I was up past midnight. You may not be impressed, but I am!

We hit the road, dropping off Professor X, and pressing on to get all birthday party preparation shopping done. With me were Princess O, whose birthday party is this weekend, and Mr. Max, who is great company even though he is not fully potty-trained. We went to the party store and ordered a big bunch of balloons. I hate balloons, and Princess O is saying she hates balloons. I don't think she really does, so I am trying to get her to enjoy some this weekend.

We stopped for lunch at Chik-Fil-A. It's the cleanest, most friendly "good food quickly" stop in this area. Mr. M was as good as he could be, mostly eating french fries and fruit, dancing to Robert Palmer's "Get It On". I made a conscious effort to relax, not rush the kids, and have some good conversation with Princess O. Her stutter has returned, along with some facial efforts at getting the words out. I'm not sure if this is developmental, or stuck for good. We'll see how long it lasts this time. The only harsh moment was when we were getting up and Mr. M blasted out the door without us, much to my surprise. I didn't think he could open it. But he did. And so, once again, I got the "bad mom" stares from the other patrons who were mostly on break from work. "Must be nice to get a break every day!" I shouted. Okay, I didn't shout it, but I wanted to.

We then breezed through Target, picking up Funfetti cupcake mix and gummi bears for the cupcakes. We bought some pixie glitter at the cake supply store. Now we are home. The kids are napping for a bit, then getting into our small inflatable pool, then off to pick up the Professor after that. I'm setting my sights on dinner, unsure of what lies ahead there. Then a night of finishing laundry, more writing, and a cozy evening at home playing Feed the Kitty. Ciao!

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