Monday, July 21, 2008

My Reverse To Do List

Today I was trying something new. I am a listmaker. I feel unfocused without a daily to do list. Lately though, my list has seemed to fall short of what I actually do all day. It's one thing to list "laundry", and another thing to actually finish ten or more loads of laundry, fold, and put the clothes away. See? I could be putting so much more on the list and feeling more satisfaction a the end of the day. Today I decided to list everything AFTER I did it. Behold, my reverse to do list. Pics coming soon.

Up at 8:30am, the following was accomplished before noon, basically in this order:
  • Emptied wading pool (I love being outside so early in the day and feeling the freshness of the air, the pool was stagnant for a few days so it needed to be dumped out.)
  • Started the laundry (I kept an ongoing tally of how many loads I did, final count was nine loads)
  • Put Mr. M on the toilet for potty training (another ongoing tally that I finally stopped at five times before noon; it probably hits 20 or more in a day - a lot of interrupted time)
  • Empty the dishwasher (for the remainder of this blog, my beloved dishwasher will be referred to as DW, because that is it's name in our family)
  • Load DW (running it tonight due to electric company peak hours)
  • Handwash dishes (bowls that won't fit in DW, cupcake holders from party)
  • Vacuum front room (including under the couch with the attachment)
  • Folding laundry (final count of ongoing tally - 10 loads, one was already in the basket from before)
  • Set up kids on the computer to check out bearville (discovered, after a lengthy registration, the main activity is chatting, completely inappropriate for a 5 and 6 yo, switched to build a bear games instead)
  • Picked up poop from dog in backyard
  • Put away misc. birthday party items still laying around (gift bags, water bottles, etc.)

In between all this, I must note, more than one child was given a time out for bickering, bad attitudes, general mean tone of voice, which set a theme leading to all of them having to lay down for nap time. Sigh. Bickering is a problem here lately.

For lunch, Top Ramen flavor of choice while watching Scholastic's "Where the Wild Things Are". I really enjoy those dvds. I am always the one preferring a book, but these videos are excellent, especially the Carole King music. After lunch, we read 4 library books before retiring to beds and reading half a chapter of Hello, Miss Piggle-Wiggle. The kids don't seem to enjoy these stories as much as I do.

After a short nap myself, due to being up late reading and writing lately (yay for me!) this was the rest of my day:

  • Sweep kitchen floor
  • Mop kitchen floor (with my new Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Mop - it was ok, it's a mop)
  • Kids put away their own clothes (yay!)
  • Ate my lunch (Luna bar, peanut butter cookie flavor - that didn't taste like a pb cookie at all and if it wasn't for weight purposes, I would never eat another one)
  • Checked my email (declined two requests from people - learning to say no and feel good about it is a new accomplishment for me, and it feels great)
  • Made dinner (rice with lumpia for me and dh, rice with popcorn fish for kids - everyone ate but was hungry again later)
  • Washed Prof X hair, washed my own hair, went to Supercuts for pre-camp haircuts (his looks great, definitely a no-fuss, no-brush camp haircut; once again, the stylist tried to tell me to try something new on my curls, "mousse will only dry your hair out", but by the time I got home, the KMS CurlUp she put in my hair had made my hair sticky and clumpy, and the rest frizzed out MAJORLY)
  • Put away my own clothes
  • Reviewed the camp packing list (mild panic attack)
  • Made a to-do list for tomorrow (Prof X on trip to museum, Princess O to Target to spend bday money)

So, I think I may have to do this reverse list more often. I got so much done and I think it makes a difference when I list every single thing. I got a really great picture of exactly how much I do all day. Yeah.

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