Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Rent Goes Up

Today, my landlord showed up at the front door, to personally hand me a notice that our rent will increase $100 a month starting in September. At the time, I was sweeping the dirt off the back patio, Mr. M was running around nude, Professor X was in his swim shorts, and Princess O was lolling about in her t-shirt and chonies. In other words, not a great time. But, hey, at least it's only a hundred dollars. Dh is overdue for a raise at work anyway, so I know we can swing it. The only issue is, according to dh, is whether this house is worth the new rent or not.

When I peruse the Pennysaver, as I always do, I always take note of the houses for rent column. We have a very good deal. While our family is outgrowing the house, I know there is no way we would be able to afford a place we all fit in, including the dog, for a cheaper or even an equal amount of what we pay. That being said, what do we do? Obviously, I think we should make this house be a $1000 a month house. A new project, hee hee hee!

We are on the cusp of a new unschooling year. We don't do formal school during the summer, but we do start a loosely structured schedule in the fall. This gives me plenty of time to get this house organized, taking advantage of every square inch, inside and out.

To start with, I have a toddler. My goal is to get the backyard and patio to serve as a playroom for him while I work with the older kids. We have room for a sandbox (the wading pool filled with sand), a water table, all the Little People houses/castles/farms, and a big table for painting, play-doh, clay, whatever. My goal is to have all of us outdoors as much as possible. I plan to lay some green outdoor material to cover the patio, lessening the effect of the dirt. We can cut back the overgrown grass, and lay sod over the rest of the area. I have been slowly working on this all summer, but got discouraged when dh offered no help, then let the grass grow back over all my efforts. I think maybe he will lend a hand, or at least open his wallet to complete the project now.

Inside the house, we can finally lay the new vinyl flooring in the kitchen. I can clear out every nook and cranny of our bedroom that has accumulated unused magazines, junk, and lost items. We can organize the kitchen better with a rack of shelving along one wall. Finally, the garage can be cleared out and maybe used as less a house for mice, and more a room for human use.

Oh yeah, I'm getting excited. Maybe I will take some photos to post as before-and-after comparisons. Already today, I moved the kids' huge Little Tykes kitchen out of their room and onto the patio. I see great potential for drive-thru and restaurant imaginative play.

So, once again, the Lord has used something that is not good, the raising of the rent, to motivate me to something better, a house worth the higher rent.

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