Sunday, July 20, 2008

This was my weekend

Whenever a parent decides to have a "small party" for one of their children, it inevitably still costs not a "small" amount of money. We invited about 12 little girls to a wading pool, served only fruit and cupcakes with water bottles, handed out candy in cups with a small bear from Oriental Trading, and still spent a lot. The balloons, food, water, and gifts from us were worth it though. It was Princess O's 5th birthday, and she chose a Build a Bear theme. We got her ears pierced, dad's decision, and treated her, her brother, and her best friend to a trip to Build a Bear. All that was on Saturday.

Friday was spent in preparation for the "small party". Errands were run, fruit was prepped, cupcakes were made. The cupcakes turned out good, in spite of my black thumb in the kitchen. Princess O chose a pink frosted cupcake with three gummy bears on top sitting under a paper umbrella. Totally cute, and everyone loved them. Definitely worth the effort. Sounds easy, I know, but again, black thumb.

Sunday, ahh, yes, today was awesome. It was my first Sunday not singing with the worship band at church. I got to sleep in, the kids got to sleep in. We attended one service. No interruptions to pull the kids out for breakfast during first service after worship was over. No rushing to get everyone in before a certain time. And, it's so funny to me, that anyone noticed, but I sure got a couple funny looks. At my church, no one ever leaves leadership unless something horrible happens and they have to leave. Like, adultery, or they reveal some other awful thing they have been doing. No, for me, it's a personal choice. I want to focus on my writing. I want my time to be my own. I felt the Lord whisper into my heart that my season for singing was over. So, it's over. And it was so awesome to wear jeans and not worry about how I looked. If I want to wear my jean skirt, I can! I have been in some type of leadership at my church for the past 12 years!! I have always tried to maintain a modest appearance that didn't draw attention to myself. No more! Nose piercing? Yes! Another tattoo in a visible place? Yes!

My husband made the comment today, as we were discussing his image as a musician, that he wished someone would have told him to keep his personal style as a new Christian. Our church gives the impression that tattoos are wrong, piercings are wrong, but my dh is an individual with creative taste that he has been oppressing. Cartilage piercing? Yes! Earrings again? Yes! Eyebrow piercing again? I say yes, he's unsure.

I feel like a new season of really discovering more about my self is beginning. Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, I'm free at last!

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