Monday, July 14, 2008

Waiting for my muse

So, here we are. Finally, I have my own laptop, and my vision of working at night, next to my dh, while the dks are asleep, is a reality. Sooo, after perusing my brand-new Writer's Market Deluxe, I am stalled out, feeling overwhelmed.

There are so many options to writing. Do I go into freelance while I'm working on my books? Should I focus on some short story ideas? As long as I'm writing everything down manually, aka pad and pen, I think I'm moving forward somewhat.

I'm considering setting some daily writing goals. A good idea, I think, but I always have this wild factor of the dks. I guess that's why I started this blog. To get something going, to get something out. Tonight I linked to some interesting-looking blogs, some places to go for inspiration or relation. I vowed to not post about my daily life here, just thoughts on writing, and random thoughts I have that I don't really share with anyone else. Like, political occurrences, celebrity shenanigans, movie reviews, books I've read and basically whatever free flowing writing I can type out.

So there.

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