Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random Thoughts Tonight

Today was a beautiful day, especially in Lakewood. I don't know what it is, but the parks there have a lovely breeze that never fails. It was right about noon, and as I lugged my chair, lunch, and the kids' sand toys across the grass to "my spot", I wondered, considering how hot I felt, if I would be comfortable sitting there for a while. Thank you, Lord, Keeper of the Wind, the cool breeze in the shade made me almost cold.

We hit the playground, then followed up with a long walk over all the hills and grassy areas amongst the trees. At one point, the trees were in a perfect circle around us, so I called the kids close to me, and we made a family pact with a pinkie promise right in the center of the tree circle. What did we say? whisper? yell? Oh, sorry, that's a Medina Family secret. I made them stop and take deep breaths of the air filled with freshly mown grass smell, feel the breeze in their hair, and let them run barefoot with no boundaries for once.
Here are a couple highlights of conversation.

Prof X: "Man, the sidewalk is hot over there!" (we all had shoes off)
Mom: "Really?"
Prof X: "Yeah, it feels like you're in Hell!"
Mom: "Wow, that IS really hot."

I should mention that a group of daycare kids were there, adding to the potential drama of the day. I love seeing a big group of kids, because I know my kids have fun making new friends, but this group seemed to include more than one troublemaker. Prof X came over to me, after I had tracked down Princess O's purple shovel that a little daycare girl was trying to pilfer, and his face was half-covered with sand. I asked him what happened, expecting a story of sand-throwing or pushing, but no, he fell on his face from the monkey bars. I took the opportunity to ask him if his new buddies were playing nice.

Professor X: "No, they're not very nice."
Mom: "Okay, well, tell me if you have any problems."
Prof X: "What will you say to them?"
Now, usually, I don't say much to the other kids. I tell my own kids to play somewhere else, or explain that some families allow things that our family doesn't. Today, I could see Prof X needed some back-up. This was my response,
Mom: "How about I tell those kids to get out of here or I'm going to whip their butts?"
Prof X: looks up at me grinning hugely, "YEAH!"

Thankfully, there was no need for that, but I think it was good for him to hear old mom bring some fire power to the park for once.

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