Sunday, December 28, 2008

Finally Getting Crafty

Here are the candy bottles I passed out to friends and family this year. My goal at Christmas is to make fun crafty items, in an effort to show appreciation without spending a lot of money. For the past 10+ years I have had at least one ministry obligation that consumed a lot of holiday energy. This year, I had no such obligations, outside of my first ministry which is my family, therefore, my crafty idea blossomed. I also have to credit my newly-learned scrapbooking skills and tools for making the tags and labels. Oh yes, and my love for Frappucino! All these bottles are Frappucino bottles I have saved for the past year. I had about 20 of them. Usually I give the bottles out as vases for roses I cut from my garden for friends and neighbors. That requires much less effort on my part!

In order to remove all the sticky glue left from the label, I used baking soda with a scrubber sponge. (That also managed to remove the top layer of skin from my hands since I didn't wear gloves.) I sent all the bottles through a wash cycle in my dishwasher, then made all the labels and tags. I traced a Christmas tree cookie cutter for the tree, and my lovely redhead princess helped me decorate them with glitter glue. The only tough spot was the lids. I couldn't get the label or paint off due to the glossy coating. Thankfully, I remembered the rolls and rolls of floral tape left over from my flower pen crafts, and that worked perfectly! I covered each lid with white floral tape and topped them with gold mailing seal stickers. Total cost for the whole project was less than $10.

The main expense was the candy, of course. I used peppermints or Jolly Ranchers since the Hershey's Kisses only filled one bottle per bag. And, as is typical of my luck when doing any major project, I thought I had a big bag of cotton balls, but I didn't. So I had to buy that, too. Overall, it took about a week to get everything made, and only a few hours to get all the bottles finished. I was really pleased with the way they turned out.

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by Not Enough Hours in a Day!
    Love your cute gift ideas! Very crafty! Thrifty too, gotta love that! I love to make things to give for holidays...though I stink at the decorating the package part. My neighbors are lucky to get their peanut brittle in a plain mason jar! Ha!