Saturday, December 27, 2008

His and Hers Vacation Days

So, Cam is on a mini-vacation this week. The plant where he works has decided to close an extra two days this week and next week. Did I mention it's a non-paid holiday? Yeah. So it's a big fat bummer. But, we're trying to make the best of it and do some fun family stuff. Yesterday was a perfect day for me. Today was a perfect day for Cam. Which one is yours?

My Day
After driving our Christmas guest home, we returned in the ealry afternoon to our cozy house. We all put our pajamas back on and settled in to different activities. Professor X was playing his Nintendogs game. Princess O was playing her Kitty Luv game, like Nintendogs but for the PC. Mr. M was absorbed in many different things from his new wood train set to the Leapster. The television was kept off.

I got cozy on the couch with my new Grisham novel, The Street Lawyer. I had my special blanket and a mug full of hot coffee. Cam was across from me, reading The first Lord of the Rings novel that I gave him for Christmas. I LOVE to see him read. And reading a big fattie like Lord of the Rings?? Hubba hubba!Oh, yes. A nice quiet afternoon of mental stimulation and hot coffee.

This continued for a few hours, then the kids wanted to watch one of their new DVDs, Stuart Little, while munching on snacks. Cam and I had been watching The Two Towers the night before, so we decided to finish it. More hot coffee was prepared. Then I was stretched out, laying on my hubby's lap, watching a great movie. Good times.

When the kids went to bed, finally, we headed into our room. Did we got to sleep? No! The Two Towers was over, it was time for the Return of the King. We watched all of disc one and then finally closed our eyes. My dreams were full of running horses.

His Day (which happened to be the next day, which also happened to be today)

We had a free ticket to see "Bolt", which got rave reviews from my sister and her kids, plus we had two movie passes Cam won from a raffle at work. Mr. M is not three, yet, so he was free. Basically we could all get into a matinee for $10. Not bad. The catch was that most theaters are now showing a 3D version of the movie, and do not allow the use of free passes. Cam had the challenge of tracking down a theater at which we could use all our free tickets. Of course, he was victorious.

While planning our outing, Cam also decided to surprise our boys with a trip to Fatburger. The boys have been hooked on this idea ever since Cam told them about how great the cheeseburgers taste. Another map with directions, and we were ready.

Ultimately, we ended up driving 20 minutes to a Garden Grove Regal theater. The kids loved the movie. Our trip to Fatburger was fun, although I was not that impressed. My cheeseburger heart belongs to In-N-Out. Then we went into a Wal-Mart we saw and Cam let me buy some stickers for my next scrapbook project. Yessss!

So, now, we are all at home, everyone doing their own thing. Cam and X are playing chess on the Mac, Princess O and Mr M are playing in the bathroom sink with Scuba Barbie, and I am here, blogging. A Seinfeld DVD awaits, so I can scrap and he can be on his beloved Mac, some good shoulder time.

I think he had fun being the planner for our day, with the maps and surprises for the kids. He kept saying how he felt strange being in a different area at such a time of day, like he's been at home for a long time. It was great to get away a little, and the sunset was beautiful when we were driving home.

Two really great vacation days. Sigh. God is good.

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  1. While I would enjoy his day, I have to say my ideal would you the "her" day. I love a quiet day at home just enjoying each other's company; especially in these crazy days on the holidays.