Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Day Today

I have a cold. My kids have passed it around for a week, and it finally landed on me. How can I handle a cold with all the other responsibilities I have right now, especially food preparation? I am always grossed out by the knowledge that a sick person made food that I am eating.

Moms do not get a day off. Even being sick, I still stayed on my feet for most of the day. This is what I accomplished.

Made breakfast (thank God for Eggo waffles)
Headed to Kmart for two last minute gifts I absolutely HAD to have, also wrapping paper
Dropped off our Netflix at the Post Office (so we get our next ones for our cozy movie weekend)
Back home and made lunch (thank God for microwave mac n cheese)
Started laundry
Unloaded and loaded dishwasher
Reading time with the kids (read five books, two of which were David books)
Settled younger kids for naps
Settled myself with Prof X and his DS (Patch time for his amblyopia)
Dozed off and on for an hour or so
Younger kids came in eventually and jostled the bed continually, no more dozing
Hubby came home from work, herded the kids outside
My sister called to announce the package I sent last week arrived (via fire marshal due to snow)
Got up and started laundry going again
Started dinner (thank God for oven baked chimichangas)
Mother-in-Law dropped off our tamales, yay!
Decided to eat some tamales for dinner instead of chimichangas
Watched the Lakers game while laying in hubby's lap (highlight of my day)
Did last load of laundry
Took a HOT shower
Now, everyone is waiting for me so we can play Prof X's new game, Life the Indiana Jones version.

Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. Of course, now hubby says, "I think I'm getting sick."
Why do they always DO that?

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