Monday, September 8, 2008

Bigger and Brighter Things

After a few weeks of wavering, I have decided to stick with my Fiction Workshop. I bought my books today, so I am definitely committed. I even have a few friends in the class that told me to stay, stick with it, "don't be one of those". At first, I felt like a mainstream reader in a sea of literary critics. Most of the writers in the workshop have participated before so they know each other. I was intimidated.

I have very little familiarity with the language of critique, and it shows. I used the word, "neat" the second night of class and kicked myself for a week. Last week I said, "I liked it", and the teacher just smiled and moved on, "can anyone say anything about the writing?". I felt my face turn red. Oh well. The more I speak up, hopefully the more people will speak up for my writing. And I'm really paying attention, trying to absorb the vocabulary, to understand what to look for in good writing.

I got my courage up to read one of my free-writing pieces out loud last week. Everyone is required to read two full stories in the coming weeks, so these beginning exercises are the warm-up. I'll post what I read next, so you can read it, too, and tell me what you think. I was pleased with the story. The assignment was to write about a place that has emotional resonance, and incorporate the five senses. I didn't overtly reference taste, but there are some subtle taste references included. The feedback was minimal, much to my dismay, at least from the students. Is this a reflection of my limited feedback? Who knows. The teacher seemed to enjoy what I wrote, and I was fascinated in hearing someone respond to my writing. Usually I just write and move on. The class is good experience.