Thursday, January 1, 2009

And so it begins...

Day One of 2009 has been spent mostly on the couch watching football. DH made the comment that it is so funny to start a new year full of hope and energy, with a day off work. I asked him what his thoughts or goals were for this new year, usually he has none, and his response was, "Lose weight". Ah, yes. The classic, the stand-by, the one uttered by many, many people on this day. Maybe he will. I told him he could get a jump rope like me.

So, one of my goals is to get my freezer stocked via Freezer Gourmet, and start some progress on the meal-planning aspirations I have. Right now, I have two roasting chickens, that I bought on sale, thawing out in my fridge. My plans is to cook one for a meal tomorrow, and cook the other at the same time, but just to get the meat in the freezer. A bag of cooked chicken has so much potential. I think that is a great start.

Another issue I have with meal planning is making menus. This is difficult right now with our regular schedule being thrown off with the holiday. DH will be home until Monday, so I'll be leaning heavily on getting all the leftovers eaten. There is a crock pot full of nacho cheese in my fridge right now, and a huge bag of tortilla chips on my table. By Monday, these should be gone. And we will all hate the sight of cheese. I have a carnitas roast we will be making sopes with tomorrow. See that? I have planned a roast chicken for tomorrow, too. Hm. Maybe I will have two bags of cooked chicken in my freezer, since I do need to get those chickens cooked. This is why I need help. I need a notebook to keep my plans straight.

Good thing I have so many notebooks laying around. Isn't that a mark of a writer? Talk about potential! I love notebooks, note pads, list pads, any stack of paper bound together by glue or spiral, speaks hope and invites words. But, I digress. See? I need to focus. So, I'm off to read the Freezer Gourmet daily digest from Yahoo Groups. Maybe later I will post a menu for next week.

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