Thursday, January 15, 2009

The First Friday

Today is Thursday, or what my dh refers to as, the first Friday. This means tonight is a night to stay up late, or run errands, basically start getting ready for the weekend.

Our plans for the weekend were pretty slim. Friday night we have a commitment at our new church. I want to go and take the older kids with me so they can hang out with their friends. We only see these people once a week and I never stay around long after service. This will be a good opportunity for us all to get to know each other.

DH has jazz practice all morning Saturday so I had planned to drive out to my mother's with the kids. She lives about 30 minutes away in a college town that is pleasant to walk around, and also has a huge library at which my card will work. The kids enjoy getting a strawberries and cream and checking out the expensive toy store.

Sunday is church, as usual, that's not even a question unless one of us is sick.

However, my father called this afternoon to say he is driving out tomorrow due to his uncle being admitted to a nursing home after ankle surgery. This uncle is 80 years old and my father wants to take advantage of this time to see him a bit, just in case he doesn't get well. My father always stays with us, no problem. But, he asked me to accompany him to see our uncle. The home is a few hours away, and obviously I cannot take the kids. This throws our weekend into upheaval, a necessary upheaval though.

I called DH to tell him about the proposed plan, and he informed me that he may need to work after his practice. Wow. We could really, really use some overtime pay! I told him to absolutely work, that I will handle getting the kids taken care of, but he MUST work! Maybe we can split the child care between a friend and my MIL, we'll see. The priority is visiting my uncle. I am also looking forward to spending some solo time with my father during the drive.

Thankfully our plans are some that I have no firm hold on. We can still Netflix and stay up late. With my father sleeping on the couch, the romance aspect of the weekend is somewhat dampened, that's for sure! But on the whole, I am taking all the changes in stride. I just need to get my housework and grocery shopping done before my father gets here!

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