Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Morning Routine

On a perfect morning during the week, I get up at least an hour ahead of the kids. I roll out of bed without waking my nightly sneaker-in, Mr. M, and stuff my feet into my slippers while grabbing my cozy red sweater. I walk through the house, opening curtains, possibly windows if it is warmer outside than in, which here in Southern California, that's normal. My pre-progammed Gevalia coffeepot offers me a hot cup of delicious joe, and I settle into my favorite chair to read the Daily Bread and chapter of Proverbs that corresponds to the date. If I am still the only one awake after this, I refill my mug and settle back into my chair with a book of some kind, or I just spend time praying for the day, my husband, the kids, anything that comes into my mind. As the minutes tick by, my thoughts turn towards breakfast.

Without fail, once I think about breakfast, one by one the kids wake up and come stumbling into the living room to find me. I greet each warm bedhead with a kiss and a cuddle, ask if they had "good mimi", and acknowledge that my quiet time is over.

Once all the redheads are awake, we head into the kitchen for a group preparation of breakfast. On the best days, I have everything to make pancakes, on the worst day we have cold cereal. Our conversation revolves around dreams, plans for the day, and school. We all scurry off to get dressed and meet up again after beds are made to discuss what is next. Usually we start school, or if I am not quite ready for that, we head out to run errands, probably including a stop at the park.

Of course, due to late nights and broken sleep, I rarely get this morning. I am usually jiggled awake by someone crawling across my bed, or poked awake by a constant, "mommy" and a waft of child morning breath. Nonetheless, I still get my hot coffee and devotional on the run. The kiss and cuddle are doled out in a row. Breakfast is still a group effort, with more whine than not. Yet, I still enjoy the walk-through. I enjoy waking the house by opening the curtains, ushering in the fresh air breezes, and greeting the day while in my slippers.

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