Sunday, January 4, 2009

Seasons Change - Finally!

I am so happy to say that tomorrow is our first day back on our regular schedule. My dh is off to work after a ten day vacation, the kids are back to home school, and I can put my homemaker hat more firmly on my head. I thrive on a routine. I need a routine. Tomorrow is a great, great day and I am so excited!

On my agenda for tomorrow is ridding the house of all holiday decorations. Dh wants to wait until Tuesday, but I honestly feel like one more day of that pathetic Christmas tree will make me scream! I want all the tablecloths with snowmen melted away, and no one better dare to turn on those window lights tonight, or I will FREAK OUT! Yes, the holidays are over and not one day too soon for me.

My menu planning efforts now have to be in full swing if I am to stay ahead of the game. Did I roast my chickens? Yes, I did! Unfortunately, I was out of freezer bags, so one chicken is wrapped tightly in foil waiting to be picked clean. I roasted the other one for dinner tonight, a much-needed change from nachos - ugh.

Since I homeschool, every meal requires kitchen time. Breakfast this week is cold cereal, unless someone prefers instant oatmeal. My dh and I are doing the Special K for breakfast diet plan, except we are eating the store brand cereal. My lunch this week will be Slim-Fast, the Target store brand, which I love. I know my weight is teetering on the brink and I need to get it snapped back under 150. Lunch for the kids will be Top Ramen. They love those noodles and my cupboard is stocked full of them! Dinner will be bit more difficult. I'm planning lots of rice and vegetables, some red meat, maybe a pork roast from the freezer. I think we're all tired of the Mexican food gluttony that has gone on this past month!

My only other thoughts are on homeschool issues. First day back and all the fun plans I have to make, everything is full of hope right now. Fresh new year, inhale deep, exhale, looking good!

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