Thursday, October 22, 2009

Currently Reading

Yesterday I ordered the graphic novel Watchmen from Amazon. We are totally tight financially right now, so I am sure my husband raised his eyebrows when he saw the charge online. Hee hee. I have taken an interest in this novel due to the fact I enjoy comics and superheroes and I love to read. Plus there has been a lot of buzz about this book and I have the movie from Netflix, so I just want to soak this one in all the way. Do you ever get the itch like that?

I have yet to start War and Peace. I am waiting for my mother to give the green light since we are reading it together. We want to meet once month for coffee and talk about it. I love to analyze literature, so hopefully this will be a good project for us.

Other tidbits about my mother and me. Our Avon order should be in soon and we are collaborating on Christmas scarves to make and sell. Good times. I want to post my scarf pics today. I will. I WILL!

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