Friday, October 23, 2009

A Few Scarves - Finally

Here are some pictures of the latest group of scarves I knitted. I had knit one for my niece and one for my sister, so of course my nephews wanted their own. What kind of scarf can a boy wear? Camouflage! Thankfully there was a variety of camo yarn so everyone will be able to tell which one is their own. My boys had to have their own knitted, too. I am still working on Mr. M's in a yarn called Earth which is not exactly camo, but I am hoping he won't notice.

I have also knitted a couple for friends and for myself. This next picture was my first attempt at knitting a second color into an established piece. It went well, for a first time, and the yarn is very soft and woolly, so I love to wear it. I have another extremely long black scarf that I knitted with my big fat bamboo needles. That scarf is soft and stretchy and goes with anything. I love it. I love yarn. I love to knit!

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