Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Husband Awakening

We have family members coming this weekend to visit us and they are staying for a couple weeks. I am totally excited because it's my sister and her wonderful family whom we last saw in June when we went to visit them. There is a great time of coffee, conversation, and late nights about to start. But, in the meantime...

I have a unit of transcription reports to finish. I have two more medical terminology quizzes to take. I have homeschool lessons to plan, no matter that they will be light, some schooling must take place. I have a house to clean. Something has to give! I told my husband that I was relinquishing dinner duty to him for the next week. He knows how to cook well and actually he did all the cooking the first year we were married. This is not an unreasonable request. He gets home in the late afternoon and has time to make dinner.I told him that as soon as he got home every day that I would retire to the bedroom for hours of studying and typing. He said, okay. I know he understands, even if he is not excited about it.

Well, ever since he has been on dinner duty, his domestic skills have gone into overdrive! He has begun cleaning, making the kids clean, and generally taking care of things so I do not emerge to a messy house every night. He vacuumed! He has an area of our room that is stuffed with papers and odds and ends that only he can go through, since I will just dump it all in the trash or a plastic tub in the garage. He is motivated beyond what I asked. It is a very pleasant observation.

To make things even more interesting, my friend who was going to come over and clean for me was exposed to swine flu and now is quarantined. (She has my Avon order, too, but that's another post altogether.) I bewailed this to my husband and his response was, "Don't worry. I'll do it then." Bah? He is really stepping up to the plate. This is a man who wakes up very early and puts in a full day of work, usually coming home and lapsing into a semi-coma with snoring until dinner is ready. He then zones out in front of the television for the next few hours until he puts the kids to bed. In the midst of his inactivity, I am a whirling dervish of cleaning, disciplining, planning, and studying. But not this week.

He has awakened from his slumber and unfolded his hands. I wonder what the motivation is? Maybe his domestic skills and desires have lain dormant because I was doing it all, no matter how bitterly. Does he see with new eyes the energy and effort it takes to keep going after dinner? Making dinner every night is a challenge! Is he determined to not disappoint me? I don't know and I don't want to ask. I don't want to break the spell.

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