Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Day Today

I have a really great blog entry written about my new interest in graphic novels, but I cannot seem to be able to paste it on here. Hhmmm. Have to work on that.

This morning I had to get up achingly early to drive my mother to the airport. She is visiting my sister and her family in the Pacific Northwest for several weeks. Her flight departed around 8am, but she wanted to be at the airport by 6:30 am. No unreasonable I suppose, except the airport is extremely small and I did not want her to be waiting so long alone in the terminal. I was overruled. So i got up at at the indecent hour of 5:30am, and off we went. Did I mention the airport is 10 minutes from my house? It is. Then I went back home and discovered my littlest son had taken my spot in bed next to my husband. I contemplated sleeping in my son's bed, but was not sure if the toddler mattress and bed frame would support me comfortably. Instead, I curled up on the footstool and leaned back on a pile of fresh clothes, and promptly fell asleep.

My husband found me there, mouth open and snoring, a couple hours later, and we all got ready and rushed Professor X off to chess class. We stopped for breakfast t McDonald's on the way because we have been collecting Monopoly pieces and are sure we will hit it big on one of those hashbrowns soon.

Quick trip to the library after chess snagged us some fresh books and videos for tonight. DH is at a show and I have a bunch of reports to type, so the kids must be enticed by something in order to be quiet. I also received a new library card to replace my old one that had a scratched barcode. Wouldn't you know, those smart librarians, I got a small card that I can put on my keychain! Love that since I switch purses a lot and tend to forget to transfer everything each time.

Now, I am on the verge of working all night, DH is off at this show, and the lovely redheads are having their turns on the DS and Mac. Should be a great night.

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