Monday, October 26, 2009

My Day Today

I think that using a curriculum for homeschool this year has been stressing me out. The last month I have been much more relaxed, skipping things we just can't do, or don't want to do. I did make the professor finish our unit book, Sarah, Plain and Tall because I thought it was a meaningful story. He hated it. Princess O enjoyed the read aloud sessions a lot more than he did. I don't want him to hate reading. I need to make a move out of this curriculum and into something he enjoys.

Today was a school-out-of-home day. We did some nature drawing at the park with magnifying lenses and colored pencils. We took pictures of shadows for our new photography project. I played catch with the professor and the princess. Mr. M made a friend and had a great time playing in the sand. No shoes, of course.

We made a quick venture into the library where the kids found books they need for our research projects this week. I should have stuck to our foundation of unit studies. Dinosaurs and hippos were the topics of choice. I also found a lot of graphic novels, books about drawing, and a fantastic nugget buried between two huge books about making flip books. I think we will have a load of fun with these, especially because I am planning to participate myself with my own drawings and comics. Hopefully they will get as excited as I am!

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