Friday, October 30, 2009

My Day Today

Plans for today include 2 drop-off play dates, errands, turn in bookmarks at the library for the design contest, clean the house some more, and type a bunch of reports. I am not going to drink any coffee today because I have a physical feeling that I have been drinking too much. Yes, it happens.

Last night I should have done a lot more reports, but DH and I watched a movie, "2 Weeks", which was listed as a "poignant comedy". It's about 4 adult children going to tend their mother during her last 2 weeks of life. She is dying of cancer. Not much comedy, a whole lot of poignancy. DH continually accused me of tricking him into watching that movie since I didn't read the synopsis to him before I put it on. He is a very sensitive guy, but doesn't show it. His family always says not to talk about death or dying, because then it might happen. Riiight. So, the movie put him in the mind frame of his own mother and stepfather dying. He said he didn't want to think about those things and I told him that it's GOOD for us to think about those things. He thought the movie was good, just different than what he was expecting. I swear I didn't know it would be such a tearjerker! I give it 2 thumbs up.

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