Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Goals and Projects

This week is the week when I will make all those appointments and take care of all those annoying errands that have been hanging over me for the past month. Eye and dental check-ups, Girl Scout sign-ups, and blood work. Not a bunch of unnecessary things, but a lot of out of the way things.

I checked out some books today and I wondered what the heck I was thinking. I have started War and PEace, and now Jerry Seinfeld biography. (I think it's incredibly sexy that my DH has the same birthday as Seinfeld - why is that?) I also have a few old holiday knitting magazines to photocopy and help me get started on projects for building my inventory through the next year.

I saw an amazing scarf today that was very thick and able to wroap around shoulders, but tapered to the ends and even had a buttoned pocket about 3 inches from the the tassels. I loved it! But it was $20 and I think I will ask my DH for it for Christmas. I also bought a graph/lined tablets of paper so I can keep track of all my scarf designs and get moving on my BIG IDEA. More and more knitting. I have some cheap yarn to use to teach myself some new stitches. I really, truly enjoy knitting and I am so proud of myself for learning how to knit on my own.

This week also holds the beginning of new homeschool units. I am excited for our next book,, 50 American Heroes Every KId Should Know. I think the professor will get into this book and enjoy it a lot more than anything else so far. I hope.

Full speed ahead.

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