Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NaBloPoMo - I'm Out

For some reason, when I feel the pressure to blog every day, that kind of kills my desire to blog. I want to do this for myself, I guess and not because I feel like I have to. So there. So now that I have missed one day and am no longer in the running for a prize, I feel like writing.

We are having a pajama day at home today. I love homeschooling! Today is foggy and chilly so far and I am so happy to not be rushing the kids off to school. They are all cozy on the couch with mugs of warm tea and big muffins. Everyone is still recovering from the cough they passed around last week, and I have decided a day of rest will do them al good.

I have not been able to see my sister every day. I expected this, and I wonder now why I felt so much pressure to get so much schoolwork done before she came. I have a few days now, while she is visiting other relatives, to get a head start on things due when she leaves. We head out to Nevada soon and there we will have several days and nights with their family and I am so excited for THAT!

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  1. Oh I love pajama day that is always so much fun.

    I love your blog, stop over and see me sometime.