Monday, November 30, 2009

A Quick Fix

I worked on my red seed stitch scarf in bed last night. To the incessant snoring of my husband. It gave me an irregular rhythm to my knitting, but it felt comfortable and sure beats the late nights playing Bejeweled while everyone else sleeps.

I thought about taking my baby blanket project to the park today when I took the kids to play, but figured either the stitches would suffer or the kids would since I would be absorbed in my knitting. Boo.

I know that on Wednesday I can take my project to the PE class at the park for the kids, BUT...this involves knitting amongst a snobby group of homeschool moms that knit continental. I knit English/American. You can almost hear the patronizing collective sniff.

1 comment:

  1. Oh jeez...don't you hate the holier than thou attitude sometimes? I am a continental knitter only because I learned to knit in Norway. If I learned from my Mom here, I would be a thrower knitter.

    I never did well with the SAHM Home School set when I was home when my kids were younger. :) Good luck!