Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Short Story

I have been trying to wind up all my schoolwork and have been incredibly busy, hence the lack of blog entries. Another deterrent is my broken camera. Well, it's not so much broken as much as it is crappy.

I have a few projects on the needles right now. I started a red suede yarn seed stitch scarf this weekend. I can only work on this when the kids are in bed because I really have to concentrate and even in the quiet I get lost sometimes. (Is that a knit stitch? Did I start that row with a purl?) I also started a baby blanket with some yarn my mother passed on to me. I have doubled the strands from a pastel mix and a light yellow skein to use up this awful yarn. I think the blanket will be handed off to Princess O. For now, it serves as the project I can work on at any time without much thought. It's a stockinette stitch with a garter stitch border and it has impressed my husband to no end. He was surprised I could knit the border right in! Yay for me! What else. Oh, I started to finish adding the tassels to a dark blue Christmas scarf on which I intend to add a snowman applique. I finished the tweed tri-color scarf that is incredibly long. I love long, long scarves. Alas, no pictures today.

The rest of the short story: homeschool, college medical terminology class, online keyboarding class, online transcription course, husband, children, holidays. Pick one when you wonder where I have been lately.

Looking forward to: all things ending by the end of the year, to include: family birthday season, college classes.

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