Sunday, November 1, 2009


Today has been all about waiting.

The training site for my medical transcription course was down and then running extremely slowly all day. That was a huge issue for me since this was one of my free days to work while my family is visiting. Here are some things I did while waiting for pages to load: plucked my eyebrows, applied and rinsed a mud mask, arranged my transcription schedule for November, and checked FB way too many times.

Now, the site is still down and we are waiting for my sister to call and say she and her family are on their way to our house. The kids are whining every 5 minutes, "when are they gonna be here?" and I'm doing my best to resist the urge to call and check on them. It's their vacation and I want them to enjoy their time with everyone and not feel rushed or pressured to be with us the whole time.

So, once again, we are waiting.

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