Wednesday, December 2, 2009

FB Fall-Out

A month ago I deleted a bunch of people from my Facebook account. These were friends, but no one really close, and actually a lot of just acquaintances. I am finallly getting questions about why from the people I dropped. A month ago. And they are just now realizing this.

My reasons for doing this were varied, but mostly due to a handful of people who I am not friends with anymore being connected to some I AM friends with. These non-friends are fake, phony, hippocrites and I have no desire to see their comments on other friend's posts, or be notified when they comment after my comments. Why do I have to be reminded of their existence when I do so much to avoid them in real life? I don't. So I did it.

It wasn't hard and I don't feel bad at all. Actually I feel great about it and Facebook is a lot more fun and stress-free now.

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