Thursday, December 24, 2009

Professor X on Stage

Tong ht my older two children are in their first Christmas program as big kids. They will be on stage singing two Christmas carols at church with 30 other kids. I am definitely bringing my video camera because Professor X never fails to entertain when he is the center of attention. Even while racing in the 50-yard dash during a city-wide track meet, he turned to the crowd as he ran by the stands and waved with both hands and a big open-mouth smile. The crowd loved it. When he went up on the podium to get his ribbon, he threw his head back and raised both hands in the air, as if he were getting the Olympic gold. I love that little guy!

Actually, I should add that both of these kids have already played baby Jesus when they were younger. Professor X was only 20 days old when the director of the Christmas drama asked to use him as baby Jesus, and Princess O was 5 months old when I played Mary in the living nativity and she was baby Jesus. Mr. M has yet to have his 15 minutes of baby Jesus fame.

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