Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thoughts on the New Year

I'm the type of person who enjoys the changing of seasons, not just in nature, but in life all around. I enjoy my new season of motherhood where I can have my own stall in a public restroom since my daughter can oversee the hand washing. I am enjoying my new knitting season which is especially gratifying as I taught myself. I am also enjoying the end of my season as a student in college since that frees up my time for other things. I am also enjoying our first season of homeschooling through a charter school.

I see this year coming to a close and I'm anticipating what I want next year to be like. I am thinking of way more knitting, way more reading, way more exercising. I always like to learn a new skill and my focus right now is on finishing my medical transcription online program. I want to get more involved with the new families at our homeschooling PE class. I want to redecorate my bedroom, something we have never done.

This is just a start, the seed of a plan that hopefully will grow and mature.

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