Thursday, December 24, 2009

Professor X on Stage

Tong ht my older two children are in their first Christmas program as big kids. They will be on stage singing two Christmas carols at church with 30 other kids. I am definitely bringing my video camera because Professor X never fails to entertain when he is the center of attention. Even while racing in the 50-yard dash during a city-wide track meet, he turned to the crowd as he ran by the stands and waved with both hands and a big open-mouth smile. The crowd loved it. When he went up on the podium to get his ribbon, he threw his head back and raised both hands in the air, as if he were getting the Olympic gold. I love that little guy!

Actually, I should add that both of these kids have already played baby Jesus when they were younger. Professor X was only 20 days old when the director of the Christmas drama asked to use him as baby Jesus, and Princess O was 5 months old when I played Mary in the living nativity and she was baby Jesus. Mr. M has yet to have his 15 minutes of baby Jesus fame.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

End of the Year Thoughts

This month of December seems to fly by some days and crawl by on others. This week seems incredibly slow to me! Is it only WEdnesday? Not even Christmas Eve yet? Sigh. I don't know what is making me so antsy, but I feel like just getting through New YEar's and getting back to life as usual. Being ab;e to stop spending money will be nice too.

I have a few things I have decided to work on for next year. One is to dust off my guitar and learn how to play it well. Of course, this involves taking lessons of some kind and I don't know how that will work out, but if I am determined, a way will be made. Another goal is to finish my online Transcription program. The deadline is April and there really is no other option than to finish, so there it is. I have been working pretty steadily these past two weeks so I think that is attainable. Then, there is the usual, I-need-to-lose-weight-so-I-better-exercise-more goal. Isn't that a given? I think this one is one of the goals I am most motivated about. I have seen both my parents go through medical problems this past year and my thought is always, "In a little while, that could be me if I don't make more of an effort to get healthy." I'm hoping to get on the track and go back to my step class with my bestie.

That's all I have so far. Obviously hobbies and reading will be included somehwere on this list, but I don't have solid thoughts on those yet.

And I have to say, only because this has been knocking around in my head, that to discover my 1 follower hasn't been online for over a year was a bit disheartening. That's why I haven't blogged for so long. So now, I have to admit, which I don't have a problem admitting, that this blog will be solely for my own writing. I think that's fine.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Too Much Stuff

With Christmas right around the corner, I always turn my eyes to the kids' room and the plethora of toys and books they have. This year it doesn't look too bad since I have been getting rid of bags and bags of stuff (where does it all come from??) throughout the year. My next big idea is to completely prune their book collection.

We check out massive amounts of books from the library. Massive. I don't think they even read much of what is strewn amongst the shelves of their bookcase. It's a grid bookcase with 9 squares and it would be really perfect to give them each a row with a basket to hold their very favorite things. One shelf each for books.

I am hesitant to do this because I love to read and my number one prayer come true about my children is that they love to read, too. We all love to read, but these books are dated and old and not read that much since we always have "fresh" books from the library! This should be a no-brainer. But I love books and it's hard to let go of such a huge amount.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thoughts on the New Year

I'm the type of person who enjoys the changing of seasons, not just in nature, but in life all around. I enjoy my new season of motherhood where I can have my own stall in a public restroom since my daughter can oversee the hand washing. I am enjoying my new knitting season which is especially gratifying as I taught myself. I am also enjoying the end of my season as a student in college since that frees up my time for other things. I am also enjoying our first season of homeschooling through a charter school.

I see this year coming to a close and I'm anticipating what I want next year to be like. I am thinking of way more knitting, way more reading, way more exercising. I always like to learn a new skill and my focus right now is on finishing my medical transcription online program. I want to get more involved with the new families at our homeschooling PE class. I want to redecorate my bedroom, something we have never done.

This is just a start, the seed of a plan that hopefully will grow and mature.

Friday, December 4, 2009

An Observation

I was in the bookstore with my husband and Mr. M tonight. As I walked the aisles, one particular section really jumped out. The shelves were full of books with red or pink covers. Some were red and pink. What was the section you ask? Sexuality and Relationships. Big surprise.

Maybe there should be a section for men since these books are obviously targeting women. Do men even read relationship books? I've bought 2 for my husband in the past and I read them more than he did. If there was a section about Sexuality and Relationships for men, what color would the covers be? Blue and Black? Or would they all have paper bag covers so a man could buy one without being embarrassed?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

FB Fall-Out

A month ago I deleted a bunch of people from my Facebook account. These were friends, but no one really close, and actually a lot of just acquaintances. I am finallly getting questions about why from the people I dropped. A month ago. And they are just now realizing this.

My reasons for doing this were varied, but mostly due to a handful of people who I am not friends with anymore being connected to some I AM friends with. These non-friends are fake, phony, hippocrites and I have no desire to see their comments on other friend's posts, or be notified when they comment after my comments. Why do I have to be reminded of their existence when I do so much to avoid them in real life? I don't. So I did it.

It wasn't hard and I don't feel bad at all. Actually I feel great about it and Facebook is a lot more fun and stress-free now.

Lesson Learned

I went for my last class at school tonight and since I had only a small portion to study for the quiz, I decided to take along one of my knitting projects. Did I take the baby blanket easy project? Noooo. I thought I would put my iPod on and be ab;e to focus enough to work on the seed stitch scarf. BIG mistake. HUGE. I messed up that scarf big time. Mental note: Don't take a difficult knitting project to the school cafeteria and think you will be able to focus enough to do a great job. You can't. You won't.

But I did well on the quiz and had a great time with my homies who came to pick me up and go out for dinner. Good times.

Almost made me forget about my botched up scarf. Almost.