Friday, January 8, 2010

Disney on Ice was a Fun Field Trip

My Princess O won some Disney on Ice tickets from our library and after weeks of anticipation, we got to go to the show today. It was the first time any of us, me and the kids, had ever been to an ice skating show and we loved it! The costumes were cute and pretty, the music was fun and loud, and it was just long enough, not too long. Mr. M made it all the way through without much restlessness.

During the intermission, I was scrounging my dollars and quarters than are always loose in my bulging purse, thinking I probably had enough to get Mr. M some popcorn to keep him occupied through the next half of the show. Yeah, right! I had $4 and when the vendor came by, I asked him how much for a skinny, not-much-in-there box of popcorn. His response, "$7." My response, "Ha ha ha ha! Never mind." The vendor kind of smiled at me, like "I know, it's crazy," then went off down the aisle to give some to some poor sucker behind us.

There were all sorts of over-priced souvenirs being paraded around the aisles during intermission. Coloring books for 5$? I told the kids, "If you want some Disney pictures to color, I'll print some for you when we get home." They all nodded like that was such a great idea. Good kids. I scrounged around my purse some more and came up with a slightly smashed Milky Way for Mr. M which he was very happy to have.

There were some very loud and pushy vendors in the arena, but once we left after the show, the vendors had lined the walkway to the parking garage and were extremely overbearing, pushing fairy wings, light-up spinners, flashing swords, and all kinds of foam hats. I told the kids, "Walk fast! We're being attacked!" We made it safely to the van without any spontaneously ridiculous leakage of cash for crap, and went on our way. Seriously, I'm not cheap, but when you win tickets to soemthing, isn't the goal to see how great of a time you can have for free?

Total cost for our trip: $10 for parking, of course.

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