Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Few Minutes

I am alone for a few minutes for the first time all week. Hubby is in the shower. Kids are in bed. Bliss. I never realize what a creature of solitude I am until I have none. I get very edgy and internally stressed out when I don't get enough time to myself, to finish my thoughts without another person butting in. I think that can really drive a person crazy.

Having kids helps with the insanity, too, pushing you further toward the edge. I swear my kids are part cat because they always get tangled up in my legs while I'm trying to walk! Inevitably someone will step on my toes, which is no small event since I am always wearing flip-flops. My best new tool, the no talking rule. Once the kids have danced on my last nerve for the last time, I say, "No talking!" (or shout it, whatever) That usually gives me at least 5 minutes, longer if we're in the car, to collect my thoughts, my sanity, my breath, and keep going about the day.

We are heading to a cabin this weekend to spend my niece's birthday with them. I am excited to be in the mountains although I'm dreading the drive. I am wondering if I will have a good time since my idea and their idea of what is appropriate around my kids are very different things. I have packed only one outift since I plan to stay inside the cabin and not in the snow. My wonderful hubby took us to Costco and purchased a vast amouny of biscotti that I felt was absolutely necessary for this adventure. We'll see if my vision of knitting by the fire with hot coffee and chocolate biscotti comes true.


  1. Hope your weekend turned out well and you were able to enjoy it your way!

  2. Thanks, Katie! I can't really say I'm surprised at the way things turned out, but I did enjoy the time to knit!