Monday, January 4, 2010

The Finger

So, I quite possibly have done something bad to my finger. It has gotten progressively more swollen throughout the day and alternates between cold and hot. It must have happened this morning while I was cleaning up the kitchen, but who knows. I was so incredibly focused on getting things done that I can't even trace my steps to a moment of "ow, that hurt". Okay, fine.

I mention this to my husband late in the evening. He has to look at it. He has to compare the swelling to the index finger on the other hand. He asks what I did, I must have done something. Of course it's swollen, he says, all that transcription you just did. Um, no. His solution? "You should run it under some cold water." LOL! I really tried hard to maintain a straight face. How the heck will that help me? Yes, the swelling may go down, if I apply ice, but seriously this was the lamest advice ever! I am half-expecting him to wake up tomorrow and tell me that HIS finger hurts now. You know how men are.

You know that if it had been HIS finger hurt that my response would have been, "You need to go to the doctor," not something about cold water. If he finger had been hurt, he would have curled up on the couch and fallen asleep, woken up to eat dinner with his finger held high in the air, and basically been a big baby. You KNOW how men are.

I made dinner. I typed about 10 1-minute transcription reports. I taxied the kids to class, the park for PE, and the grocery store. My finger hurt the whole time. I even did some knitting at the park. Why, why can I just suck it up and keep going? What if I did just flop down and wallow in it? Nothing would get done! But this also means that when I tell him I think I really hurt my finger he doesn't take me seriously. I should go pound it with a hammer, go to the doctor and get a horrible diagnosis, then he would take me seriously, right?

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