Thursday, January 7, 2010

Glass Chocolate is Delicious - to Look at

While walking around the extremely expensive shops in Claremont near the kids' art and cooking classes yesterday, a window display of glass chocolates caught my eye. They were beautiful! I had to go in and out of the building several times and every time I purposely passed by the gallery window that displayed these chocolates. I am a passionate chocolate lover, only the good stuff satisfies so these truffles were very appealing to me. I don't collect anything, but I cannot stop thinking about those glass chocolates and how perfect they would look on my desk, the one area I have to display my very favorite possessions without little hands grabbing them. I could never afford them all. But I want them. Even just one, resting in its brown paper, glistening and winking at me. Sigh. They're delicious to look at.

** I want to do these chocolates justice. They are not that expensive. They are incredibly beautiful, even my husband was very impressed. These chocolates are very detailed and intricate. The rounded, shiny edges and dark, rich colors are truly amazing. This is a collectible item, something to possess just for it's beauty. Look at the slideshow below. You'll see what I mean.**

I found this looking for pictures of the chocolates. Lovely, just lovely.


  1. Thanks so much for the nice words about our chocolates. I Tweeted and Facebooked your post.


  2. You are so welcome! I was very happy to find those pictures of your delicious collectibles.