Thursday, January 21, 2010

Knitting Projects

I finished the two-color green and ecru striped scarf. The colors are closer together than I had planned since the stripes are so narrow. I really did this as a first attempt with two different yarns. I am still pleased with the scarf although it was somewhat flattened when I ironed it. But I had to iron it since it was all curled in on itself due to the stockinette syndrome. Sigh. My plan is to crochet a green border and be done with it.

I started a blue and brown scarf, which is just one skein, not two. I'm doing it with a garter border, stockinette for the body with a garter strip up the middle. So basically it looks like it has two panels. I love this yarn.

I need to learn how to iron to uncurl, not flatten. I need to learn how to do some tassels too. I find myself incredibly lazy at the end of a project, more willing to say "good enough" than go the extra mile and add a bunch of tedious finishing touches. Boo.

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