Friday, January 22, 2010

Odds and Ends

An interesting event occurred today. I made the decision to transcribe in the front room instead of my bedroom due to heat issues. You know, it was one of those times there was this little voice telling me to make the effort, move all my stuff, get settled in the front room. And I did it, I didn't ignore the voice. Good thing. About 15 minutes after I started working, headphones on, kids in their room playing, the space heater suddenly shut off. It was plugged into a power strip that was plugged into an extension cord (yes, I know you shouldn't do that. Tell that to my hubby.) I thought it was a blown fuse, which sometimes happens since the wiring in our house is so old, but when I glanced around, nothing else was switched off. Weird, I thought, maybe the heater got too hot and turned off, although that hasn't happened before. So, I got up to investigate, and suddenly the lamp, also plugged into the power strip, flashed a brilliant white light three times, and I realized there was a crackling noise coming from the power strip. A fire was starting! I suddenly smelled plastic burning and started to pull everything out of the power strip. I realized that the electricity was still coursing though as the lamp was flashing a bit more, so I dashed to the end of the couch and ripped the cord out of the wall. I pulled the cord out from behind the couch and discovered that the extension cord was incredibly hot as was the plug from the power strip. I let it cool off for a minute and when I pulled the plug out, the area around the inlet on the extension cord was brown and burnt. Holy cow. That was a close call. I have an intense, very real fear of fires in our home and thank God I was working in the front room or our house could have gone up in flames real quick.

Thank God for that small voice!

Of course when I told my hubby what happened, he didn't think it would have been a fire. When he saw the plug, he rubbed at burnt plastic and shrugged. Probably a bug crawled in it and shorted it out, he said. Riiight. Sometimes I wonder why everyone else who knows me will believe what I tell them and respect my opinion, but my own husband doubts everything. Meh.

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