Monday, January 25, 2010

A Quick Recap

This blog is not one of those "what I did today" blogs that eventually get really boring. Really, it's not. But sitting here with my fresh hot mug of coffee, I just feel like doing a quick recap of this particular day. It was a great day. I was productive and planned ahead. Well, granted the planning part was done late last night when I got back out of bed because I couldn't sleep and then I made a few lists and worked on some report stuff, then went back to bed before 12:30am which for me is not bad.

8:00am - turned off the alarm, snuggled deeper into my electric blanket heaven.
8:30am - got out of bed, shivered, and headed into the day
8:35am - 10:30am - made breakfast (eggs for everyone!), got the kids up and going, did the dishes, prepped schoolwork for the kids, gathered my laptop and knitting, packed the DS for Mr. M, made lunches, got dressed, hit the road.
11:00am - dropped off big kids at class and headed to Starbucks with Mr. M. We spent the class time at the Towne Center playground. He played and I knitted on the blue/brown scarf.
12:00pm - Picked up big kids and headed back to playground. Everyone ate lunch and I edited the reports I pasted into Word. This was a vast improvement of my time spent waiting for the kids and during breaks in the class schedule. Editing 12 reports put me way ahead for working tonight.
1:45pm - Dropped off the big kids at class and sat in car with Mr. M to wait. This class is an hour and since he like to play the DS, we just sit in the car. Plus, I think my kids would be distracted if I sat in the class with them. I got to knit for an hour, which was wonderful.
2:55pm - Pick up kids and marvel at the way this science teacher always gets the experiments to work right. The kids made ice cream today and I just know that if I had attempted that at home, it would NOT have worked.
3:15pm - Get home and check my email. Fret about classes that I need to sign up the kids for and haven't. Wonder how many messages we missed out on since the rain messed up the phone. Kiss hubby hello and goodbye as he picks up the van and heads to the mechanic for a brake inspection.
4:30pm - Start dinner, empty the dishwasher. Hubby returns with BAD news and we have a serious discussion. Sometimes it really sucks to be an adult. I would much rather be playing the Wii than commiserating about brakes and budgets and long trips up a mountain on icy roads. (Heading to a cabin with the in-laws this weekend. Gulp.)
5:30pm - Eat dinner and decide that I will do my reports as planned and not give in to tiredness. Make a pot of coffee.

So, here I sit, poised to start my reports, fresh coffee spurring me on.

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