Saturday, January 9, 2010

Redecorating and Some Things To Do

Yes, I am still wearing the finger brace and typing with my ring finger. Boo.

This year is my 12th wedding anniversary and my big idea to celebrate is to finally decorate our bedroom. I can't begin to describe this room. Picture a Cal-King bed taking up all but 3 feet of space, a nice desk area made out of a baker's rack, and a wall lined with a pack rat nest of papers, stereo equipment, and records. Yes, the vinyl kind. Somehow my husband has managed to maintain his bachelor style of decorating throughout all these years of co-habitating. Go figure. I have never been big on interior design, decorating, or any of that. BUT I have a vision for this room. Finally.

This picture by Klimt, called The Kiss, is our favorite picture since it resembles us. He has dark hair (hubby shaves his head now, but whatever) and she has wavy red hair. We have always considered this to be "our" picture and I have decided to buy a big print, frame it, and use the palette for the room decorating. It won't be cheap, but I'm planning to buy things here and there and stash them at my mother-in-law's after I enlist her help. She is the Decorating Queen in this family. We'll see how it goes.

Things to do: I was very inspired to write a list here when I started writing, but I honestly cannot remember what the heck I was going to write. I found a couple new blogs to follow and have been listening to a Pandora radio station one of my friends made for me. I remember a mention on one of the blogs about a blank notebook and I have always loved blank notebooks.

A blank notebook holds so much potential. I have a few ideas for some notebooks I wanted to get going throughout this year. One, of course, will be my knitting projects. I am writing out patterns for each project, naming them, coloring them and all that into a project pad I found at Target that has graph paper on one side and lined paper on the other. I'll just tape a photo on the lined side when I finish. My other notebook is more of a scrapbook and I want to record all my nights out with my homies in there. We always have such a great time and are always laughin together and I just don't want to forget any of it. My other notebook idea was for my bedroom decorating project. Just a mix of ideas, pictures, and wishlists of how my perfect room would look. I think these notebooks are just a blend of my love for journaling and collage. Maybe I'll call it "journallage". You heard it here first!

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