Friday, January 1, 2010

Some New Year's Goals

1. Finally I can start working on the Read 100 challenge! I have a few books I have been waiting to get into because I wanted to count them towards my 100 books for 2010. Also, my reading goals include reading every Grisham novel yet unread and the knit lit project I have going with my mother.

2. My knitting goal for the year is to build my inventory and have a Christmas boutique at the end of 2010. I also am working on learning how to make socks and hats, and baby blankets to donate. My third knitting goal is to knit 1 scarf in each pattern of the Chick Knit book I have. I have no WIP right now since I finished everything this week so as to start the New Year fresh. Yay for me!

3. Exercise. More. I love to hit the track and walk. It helps me mentally and also physically, obviously. I enjoy it a lot. Time is usually the only obstacle to my getting there. Also, one of my homies and I have several class sessions left for our step class we started last August. We're back in class on Tuesday. When we finish that, we're going to sign up for line dancing, woo-hoo! I'm also squeezing in an ab workout every day. It's only 15 minuted and really intense.

These are the basic improve-myself goals. I have others for my wife role, mom role, homeschool role. But I haven't really gotten specific in those areas yet. I have all weekend. I love the new year.

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