Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Update aka I Don't Care

Home sweet home. I love that cliche more and more when I return home from a trip away.

The cabin experience was nothing surprising. My SIL is a nut. That is the nice word for it. :) She is snappy with my kids and always trying to manipulate things to get her way. I was hoping to watch some TV since we don't have cable at home and there is Direct TV at the cabin. No. She wanted to listen to 70s music on Sirius all weekend. No, the kids couldn't watch anything either. Thankfully I had anticipated this and brought my computer with the kids movies. Meals were cooked when she wanted to eat, usually hours later than my family is used to eating. Fine. I had bags of snacks and treats we enjoyed. No, you can't make coffee on the last morning, it is already packed. If there were games being played, like cards or dice, my kids were told "It's too hard. You guys can't play," so I took them in the other room and played other games provided in the cabin. My oldest is 8 and loves to play games and it really broke my heart to see the look of incomprehension on his face. Grr. I won't even get into what she tried to pull with the sleeping arrangements. I will just say that it would have left my 3 little ones on the floor and myself and my husband incredibly uncomfortable. This is the short story. By late Friday night, after being kept awake until 2:30 a.m., that's the longer story, I was dry heaving in the bathroom. I swear it was from the stress of the whole rotten situation. Everyone else said it was from the altitude. Riiight. At one point on Saturday I was completely miserable, wishing I could just pack up and leave. But, sigh, I knew that wasn't going to happen. I had to suck it up and keep going. So I did.

I spent some time outside with the kiddoes. They really enjoyed the snow and I enjoyed watching them enjoy the snow. I did a little sledding and snowball throwing, but when I was too cold or wet, I headed inside.

I got LOTS of knitting done. I crocheted the edge around my practice scarf and it looks okay. The scarf itself is just okay, but I am keeping it. I started a purple birthday scarf for a friend and worked on my garter rib scarves that I have going. Of course, I endured a lot of stares and snide comments while I knitted, but I did what I wanted to do. I am finally realizing what it truly means to do what you want to do and not care what anyone else thinks. I have a hunch that my SIL is planning to learn how to knit and make pet garments. She was encouraging me to do this. Meh. I have no desire to do that, which of course she couldn't understand. :) I don't care! (you have to sing it like the boy Pierre sung by Carole King). I pulled out my knitting every time we were all sitting around.

Oh, thank you God it is OVER. I am so happy to be home.

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