Saturday, January 2, 2010

We're Livin' in a Society Here!

Today I spent a few hours at the park with my younger two children who were happily playing with new friends on the park equipment. I was sitting in a sunny spot about 50 feet back from the playground reading a book. Occasionally I would look up and make sure the kids were still having a good time, and on one such glance, I noticed a butt crack.

I was seated farther away from the play area, but most of the other parents were quite close, sitting on the grass with their feet in the sand. The butt crack I noticed belonged to a mom who sitting by the sand and was oblivious to the fact her butt crack was glaring. I'm not sure why she didn't know, since it was cool and breezy, but hey, whatever. My dilemma was do I tell her? Do I wait for her to feel the exposure? I was furthest back from everyone, so no one else had noticed. What would you have done?

I contemplated for a few minutes, then decided if it was me I would want to know! So I told her. I walked up behind her, and realized that she was holding a small baby, so I bent down to her ear level and said quietly, "You should pull your shirt down a little in the back." She was very grateful, thanked me and laughed a little, and in an effort to not embarrass her further, I made quick conversation with my kids and then headed back to my chair.

I almost can't believe I did that. I am ultra-nonconfrontational. To a fault. I don't approach strangers at the park and tell them their private body part is winking at me. I wait, too long usually, and someone else does it. Not today! Why not? My husband couldn't believe I did it. I'm gald that I did.

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  1. I would have yelled out "hey! your butt crack is showing" or "say no to crack!" but I've always had trouble with being descreet. I think because I grew up in a large family where that was the neck maybe?

    Like farting in public and then stomping on it as if it were a bug. Makes me laugh? Makes me think of family...