Thursday, January 21, 2010

What the Rain Does to Time

Rain changes time. The minutes and hours seem totally different when it's raining. Inside the house, the day seems long and cozy, listening to the rain while still in pajamas, watching videos, knitting or reading. If I am outside the house, the minutes seem to last even longer, hampered by the stress of driving or having to drag the kids through the rain. It's a mystery to me. Everything slows down. Traffic, people in the grocery store, kids even seem to move in slow motion.

My week has been interesting. We spent the first two days soaking wet as we ran from class to class. After the Tuesday class, the rain was coming down incredibly hard and we had to wait a few minutes before leaving the class. I could tell the manager wasn't too happy about that, maybe she didn't want a group of people hanging out all day, I don;t know. The minute there was a lull in the rain, she urged everyone to "go now while it's slowing down". Huh? My brain was giving me a warning signal, like, isn't that when it's NOT good to be out, during the lull? We all left anyway, and lo and behold, we were on the road during the sighting of a tornado 15 minutes from where the class was located. Stupid manager. I should have trusted myself. I drove home, white knuckles and teary eyed, kids freaked out, the whole way, which was about ten minutes in normal time but 20 minutes in rain time.

The streets were flooded, water up to the curb most of the way. The kids got a great visual of the damage a storm can cause and why it's not safe to go out in a storm. When we decided to stay home from all classes the next day, no one complained. Those classes are a 45 minute drive in regular time, who knows how long it would have been in rain time. Plus, the area is near the foothills, so the storm gets backed up against the hills and just sits there, thunder and lightning and all that. No thanks! I did feel some guilt at missing those classes? Why? Why do I feel guilty for making the decision to keep my family safe at home? Crazy. I hate to miss out on commitments, but seriously, I had to keep reminding myself to just "let it go!" We spent a great day at home.

I can tell I am getting a touch of cabin fever because when the piano teacher came today, I was really too excited to see him and he probably thought I was flirting with him. I was just feeling very social and talkative at seeing a new face! It was our first time meeting, he comes to the student's house for lessons, and I wanted to be sure he was comfortable. Ah well. Thankfully we are braving what is left of this storm and heading over to a friend's house tonight for dessert and conversation. I have so many words to use after these days of being home!

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