Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Issues

My in-laws love to give my children Easter baskets full of stuff. Literally just stuff. Generic coloring books and crayons (of which we already have tons), plastic toys that entertain for about five minutes but we step on for the next five months, and loads of candy. Now, the candy I don't mind. We all get to eat it. However, having just cleaned out their toy bins and art shelves, I am going to start a new rule this year: No Easter basket stuff.

I'm not sure how well this will be received but since my in-laws are not the easily offended type, I am not too worried. My concern is that the kids will be expecting a bunch of stuff and might be disappointed. But, what a great learning experience. How did Easter end up about baskets of stuff anyway? (that's rhetorical, I really do know) I think an Easter Sunday at church and then dinner with family is a perfect way to spend the day.

My side of the family has restricted even the mention of the word Easter. They call is Resurrection Day. Of course the Oriental Trading catalog is full of Resurrection Day stuff now, too.

I could make a whole other blog entry of the various Easter activities my family has morphed through over the years, including one year I had to dress as the white Easter bunny and entertain at the base Easter gathering. Seriously. I was twelve and my peers all knew it was me because there were no bunny feet, just my pink and white high tops. Not a great year. There is also the more recent memory of the adult Easter egg hunt at my in-laws where the plastic eggs had money and lottery tickets hidden in them. Much more fun.