Monday, March 22, 2010

A Great Day So Far

This morning I have been very productive.

I scheduled my final exam for the medical transcription program I have been working on for the past year. I thought there was an issue with a couple things, but apparently those were technical issues and have no influence over my eligibility for the final. Yay! So this Friday I am taking the test and finishing the program, hopefully! I just want to pass and get the certificate. Getting a job will come later!

I clarified a lot of murky class info for some homeschool classes. The murkiness was only in my brain so this really helped and didn't take very long. We have one week to get work done and then Spring Break next week. The month of April will be our last official month of organized schoolwork since standardized testing is in May. The end is in sight!

I am also putting concrete dates down for our vacation to my sister's at the end of the year. See how all this ties together? I have to take care of A and B before I can take care of C. My hubby is being very patient and checking on his vacation dates at work even though it's a couple months away. Nothing is real to him until the day before it happens. He is obviously not a long-term planner like I am and this can causes frustration for both of us sometimes.

I'm moving a little slowly today still. I am really, really looking forward to taking a shower tomorrow! Does it gross you out that I haven't showered for about 5 days? Well, I haven't. Doctor's orders. And I really miss that time alone. Tomorrow the bandages can come off. The countdown has begun! I'm thinking about cheating and taking them off tonight. We'll see.

The only other activity for today is taking the kids to science class. They are learning about worms today and I can't wait to see how Princess O will react. The professor will enjoy it I'm sure. He named his meal worm last week. I didn't have the heart to tell him that Mr. Wiggly was going to be dinner for a bearded dragon when class was over. Hopefully the worms will have a better end.

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