Friday, June 4, 2010

A Couple Thoughts

Since we got back from vacation my focus has been to lose the extra weight I gained while stuffing my face with my sister's delicious cooking. She can cook all sorts of Asian dishes with pork and shrimp and they are so good! Too good. Most of the vacation was spent sitting on a bar stool in the kitchen and chatting with her while she cooked. Seriously. So, the same Capri's I wore on the plane up there were tiiiiiight when I wore them home. I was not happy.

I wish I could be overweight and be content. I really do. It's not just the health issue, high cholesterol and heart disease, all that scary stuff. I feel terrible about myself when I am overweight like this but actually I'm very happy with who I am on the inside. It's the outside that surprises me when I walk by the mirror. I feel good, look good from the neck up and then bam! I walk by a full length mirror and I swear some fat women is walking next to me all of a sudden. It's a big fat downer. Literally.

So I am back on the treadmill. It's so hard to get motivated to get on there sometimes. I need some new music or something on my iPod to get me going. I can walk without holding the rail and last night before starting, I put a big stack of magazines within arm's reach. I made it about halfway through Entertainment Weekly. I was bored. I switched to watching an episode of The Office on my phone. That got me through another 10 minutes. Finally, I hit 30 minutes and I stopped. Usually I go 45 since that is the "proven" length to LOSE weight, not just maintain weight. My hubby had my ab workout DVD ready to go, so I flopped down and did that, too. I guess I should be proud of myself but I am really dreading getting back up there tonight. Maybe I will head to the park and walk the track.

Being outside walking the track is a totally different experience than being on the treadmill. I love the open air, the people, and the passing game. Yes, I purposely speed up to pass people. It makes the experience of walking in very big ovals a lot more fun. Sometimes I will even run down one side of the track just to pass everyone ahead of me. If someone passes me, they become my next target. I keep my eye on that person and make it my goal to find a way to pass them back. It sounds crazy when I describe it on here, but in reality it's a great motivator.

Since it's Friday, we will also be watching a movie later. I put a few movies int he queue and I think a Liam Neeson Irish flick is arriving today. We watched the Lakers last night and even the kids were cheering. Professor X was making comments that he fashioned after what he has heard us say in the past, sometimes not making much sense, but it was cool to hear him trying.

My hubby is happy to have his family back home. We started our routine of reading in bed before turning out the lights and he made a point to tell me that the house was not the same without me. I'm happy to be home, too.

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