Monday, June 7, 2010

My 100th Post

This is my 100th post. No fanfare, no big interesting topic. I can't believe I have had this blog for so long and barely now am hitting the 100 mark. Phooey.

Last night I got an obscene phone call. I'm not even sure if that is what it should be called though. It was a female who asked for me by name. Once I responded, "This is she." the expletives were flying! She called me so many names I was stupefied. When I asked who it was, she answered, "Your mom." Now, if I hadn't been so shocked, if not amused, by what was happening, I would have said something like, "Well my mom is dead (she's not) so that can't be right," but of course I thought of all the good responses much later. Apparently this person has never made a call like this before since I really have no idea WHY I was chosen to receive such verbal abuse. She never said why she was calling me those names which is really the whole point of making the call, right? Shouldn't there be some indication of SOMETHING I have done to ignite such a tirade? After a minute or so I just started laughing, seriously it's ridiculous, and that seemed to make her more mad, and then I simply hung up. It's a mystery.

I'm not a hateful person. I am happily married and not a cheater of any kind. My friends don't use profanity and if they were angry they sure wouldn't have called me a whore. So, who could it have been?

1. A wrong number. Maybe they are upset with another person with my SAME NAME.
2. My husband's ex-girlfriend whom we saw at a birthday party this weekend. But, seriously, they broke up over 15 years ago and aren't we all over 30 now?
3. A girlfriend of a friend on FB. This is my best guess. But how would she get my phone number? All my info on FB is so general I can't imagine why she would track me down. And besides that, my friendship with this man is totally above reproach.

Maybe I will never know. That's fine with me. I was really proud of myself for just laughing at this person. I told one of my girlfriends about this and she was telling me that if this happens again I should give this person an earful. But that's not me. I would rather find out WHY they chose to call and then deal with that instead of fueling the profanity fire. And anyway, I don't curse! I have a few times in the recent past but that was strictly for entertainment purposes.

Needless to say, I'm answering every call today.

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