Monday, September 6, 2010

So This Is My Day

What a long day this has already been! Isn't today a holiday you ask? Why no, not for us hoemschoolers who chose to take a Friday holiday and spend it swimming. Today is known also as Finish-Up Day since we meet with our charter school overseer tomorrow and need to have a good batch of work to turn in. It was a tedious morning.

"Go through all your papers and make sure your name is on the top."

"Here. Draw a picture of something you did in PE class and write three sentences about what you learned."

"You have to finish this math page, you know she wants both sides to be completed!"

"Where is your book list? You never wrote one!? Aack!"

"What do you mean all the origami is smashed!?!"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Life is Going On

Here is a quick update.

Homeschooling is off and running since August 23rd. We are in full swing with PE, science, social studies, keyboard lessons and Legos Engineering class. I feel like this is going to be MY year. I am organized and I know how the system works. Lots of creative writing this year. We are also doing a lot more art. We spent the last week studying Van Gogh and the kids used his painting techniques to produce some paintings. It was fun and the book I am using,
is really incredible and chock full of practical ideas and projects.

I am hoping the year will be fun and interesting for all of us.

I have started a book group with a friend. We read and discuss a book. This has added such a wonderful dimension to my life. So far we have read and discussed 2 books, are finishing our third book and have plans to watch the movie of the last one. I love to read and I love to analyze what I've read. Good books and good discussion enhanced with coffee. Sigh. Bliss.