Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Quickie Update

It's been busy. I've been a bit overwhelmed, feels like I'm drowning sometimes. It's definitely not easy to work at home, homeschool three kids, cook three meals a day, clean the house, and maintain every relationship that needs attention. It's good to work and have a job, just extremely complicated trying to get people to understand that although I am at home, I am not available to answer the phone or chat on Facebook or referee fights between the kids. But, most of the time, my husband is extremely helpful, like taking over laundry duty and dinner duty most nights, so I can't complain too much.

All of this sorely cuts into my knitting time. My last completed project is a pair of black arm warmers that are very cozy, especially when typing into the wee hours of the night. I have a list of people to give mug cozies to and another for arm warmers. Thankfully, I have cut my working hours way back this month so I will eventually have more time to knit. Yarn therapy.

The kids have been out of classes for the past month. I now remember why we do so many classes. They need them, and so do I! Many times this month I have wanted to choke myself just out of frustration at the constant noise, demands, and activity going on in the house. And science. Do I really think I can do science with these kids? My experiments never work properly! I always end up saying, "Well, what should have happened is this . . ." Not fun for them, not fun for me.

So, back to basics. Less hours of work + more classes for kids = happier me.

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